One of the most frightening prospects in the world is the notion that someone could involuntarily perform brain surgery on an unwilling patient, but this did occur in the 30's and 40's and it is still practiced today in the UK. It is a much more precise kind of surgery today, but the results are no less traumatic. Some people, desperate for a cure for their mental illness, might be tempted to go where this type of surgery is still available, but before you do, read and educate yourself on the long history of psychosurgery.


  1. The History of Psychosurgery
  2. Fact Sheet on Psychosurgery
    Some legal aspects and protections.
  3. $7.5 Million Psychosurgery Verdict - I don't agree with much of Breggin's opinion and work, but this is an interesting outcome and it does show that some types of psychosurgery is still being done.
  4. Psychosurgery: past, present, and future - A peer-reviewed article appearing in the journal Brain Research Reviews.