Mixed States



I will try to give a human face to what it means to experience a mixed state. It may be slightly different depending on the person but the one thing we almost all can agree on is that it is the most painful, distressing and dangerous of the many possible mood mixtures. When I listen to the voices of bipolar persons as they try gamely to explain what a mixed state is for them I can feel their pain and desperation. Desperation is such an apt term for how we feel in this mood state. I, and others like me, would trade our souls to the devil to get from under this horrible soul-destroying state of being.

Technically, a mixed state involves both aspects of the extremes of the mood spectrum. From mania to depression but in a horribly mixed cocktail, it's a horror to deal with. If there is one aspect of a mixed state that makes it worth paying some serious attention to it is its potentiality.I'll explain this a bit more in the following pages, but just know that if there is a mood wherein disaster most lurks then a mixed state is it. Please read on for more insight into this cyclonic mood.