The ways a bipolar can self-medicate are as myriad as are the many individuals who are bipolar, but there seem to be some real favourites. This section is about the many different substances we imbibe, swallow, shoot and otherwise use to either accentuate a mood and/or numb ourselves to the overpowering world around us..

Self-Medicating Behaviour

Welcome to the roller-coaster...

Piccy here of a rollercoaster.

Name your poison (naming as an act of recognition)

Bipolars: Romantic Renegades???

Yes we're renegades, but oh the sorrows it can cause us. Often different, sometimes loners, find out more by reading this section. 

Is there help?

The short answer is "Yes" there is certainly help and a healthy dose of hope for those of us who are Bipolar.

Personal Tales and Terrors

Read the personal stories of some of the FyrenIyce crowd.

So what do we do then?

So you have your label; it's official. You're bipolar and now what in the heck do you do next? Read on and find out just what your options are.

Soft Drugs


"When you use the Way to conquer the world,
Your demons will lose their power to harm.
It is not that they lose their power as such,
But that they will not harm others;
Because they will not harm others,
You will not harm others:
When neither you nor your demons can do harm,
You will be at peace with them."


- From the Tao Te Ching - translated by Peter Merel

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