DSM IV Guidelines

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual

ICD Guidelines

Used by the international community of psychiatric care professionals

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Getting That All-important Diagnosis


I am not a psychiatrist, nor are any of your terribly wise friends and relatives. Hence my warning here: whatever you find on these pages, and on the sites you frequently will be referred to, is strictly intended as an aid in understanding and/or coming to terms with your, or a loved one's, manic depression. Your first step on the road to making peace with bipolar illness is to get a correct diagnosis: a task more difficult then one would think. Shall we begin then...?



The DSM IV is the bible of diagnostic guidelines as used in the United States and many other countries as well.


ICD Guidelines

Find here the complete text describing bipolar disorder as taken from the ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders. Countries outside of the USA, across the board, rely upon this guideline for diagnosing bipolar disorder.

- ICD-10 copyright © 1992 by World Health Organization, Geneva -

Guide to Terminology

Need help with all of the confusing terms used to describe bipolar illness? You'll find both the medical and the layman's definitions and descriptions in this section.

  • Hypomania
  • Euphoria
  • Mania
  • Mixed States
  • Rapid Cycling
  • Self-Medication
  • Triggers
  • Depression


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