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Recommended Books

Check out the FyrenIyce community's favourite books on the topic of Bipolar Disorder then order from to help keep this website viable.

5 Stages of Bipolar Grief

Be sure to visit the Bipolar Grief page to learn about the process of coming to terms with bipolar disorder. It's a "must read"!

Advocacy Issues

Become an advocate or learn what mental health issues affect you or your loved ones who are bipolar.


This section covers various kinds of therapy as well as self-help methods so important for coping with Bipolar Disorder

Welcome to FyrenIyce!

Welcome to FyrenIyce

A warm hello to weary travellers!



Come On Mates--
this way for What's
Up Down Under!

It's just for you! All Aussie Resources from across the land. From advocacy issues to BP-related Australian sites and general mental health links. Find it all here!


Learn all about bipolar disorder and find out what all the confusing terms mean in the Guidelines To Terminology section


Here's the place to learn about Bipolar medications, how to pick a good doctor and the various therapies that are used in treatment of this disorder.


Find the creative and read others poetry and stories of how they cope with this disorder. Learn what you can do to help yourself cope with being bipolar.

Other Disorders

Learn about comorbid disorders that many of us are dually diagnosed with. Many disorders, such as personality disorders, occur on what is known as Axis II of the DSM IV

Mailing Lists

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Follow the steps to the following virtual communities where support from others with this illness is available. They are online now and welcome new members with open arms.

  • FyrenIyce One
  • FyrenIyce Two
  • FyrenIyce BP-parents
  • FyrenIyce Think
  • FyrenIyce Significant Others (FI-SO)

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Check out this section if you'd like to know how easy it is to help this website remain a place for all things bipolar and free of commercialisation.

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Medications used to treat Bipolar Disorder

Lean about the different medications commonly used to treat Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Children

Early-Onset Bipolar Disorder in children as young as infants is becoming more acceptable as research and evidence accrues. Learn more about the Bipolar Child and what you can do to help.

Bipolar Women 

Women with this disorder have special needs and extra concerns regarding pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Learn more on this topic about what's important for you as a woman or a concerned individual

Bipolar Men

This section is devoted to covering the very real differences between the male and female bipolar experience.