FyrenIyce Frequently Asked Questions




    1. What about my privacy? How did the group get all the information to call police etc?
      Any sharing of personal, private information is done voluntarily. No member is required to give out any personal information if they don't want to. It's strictly up to you how much, if any, information about yourself you choose to reveal. You can even subscribe to the list using a false identity and one of the free email services listed below. The choice is entirely yours.

    2. Are messages posted to the list put up on the web like some I've seen?
      All messages posted to the list are in an archive that is only accessible by members who belong to the list. F&I has semi-private archives in that sense. There's a sound reason for this--your privacy and comfort are more important than catering to the interests of the merely curious. Be at ease over this.

    3. F&I is not a Bulletin Board; it's an email list.
      Whether you are on the regular list or the digest version, ALL mail to the F&I list community should be sent to this address ONLY:


      Subscription and unsubscription requests should be sent to this address ONLY:

      Subscribe: Fyreniyce1-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Unsubscribe: Fyreniyce1-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com List owner: Fyreniyce1-owner@yahoogroups.com URL to information page is page: http://www.yahoogroups.com/group/Fyreniyce1

      Be sure that only the first address <FYRENIYCE1@EGROUPS.COM> is placed in the 'To:' field at the top of your email message if you intend it to go to the list as a whole. If you want off the email list, then put the second address <FYRENIYCE1-UNSUBSCRIBE@EGROUPS.COM> in the 'To:' field; put nothing in the body of your message:

    4. Are there any subjects that I can't talk about on the F&I list?
      Short answer? No, there are no topics you cannot discuss on the list. However, I do require of you that topics that might cause other list members trauma or heartache be "tagged" in the subject line of the post. For example, if you were to want to talk about abuse of some sort, I'd expect you to put the word 'abuse' in brackets like this: [ABUSE]. Not too difficult to do, and certainly not much to ask. This way any member who is sensitive to that issue can simply delete the post without reading it.
    5. Are there any guidelines as to acceptable and unacceptable list behaviour?
      Treat others as you'd like, or expect to be treated. I've had no reason to throw anyone offlist yet, though I've invited at least one to leave. This is a fairly liberal policy compared to many lists and I'd like to keep it that way. I do request that you place this tag [CURSING] in any post that contains strong language. We have some members who find cursing offensive or "triggering" so let's try to be considerate of their preferences by judicious use of 'tags' for any post that may trigger bad feelings.

      Please be aware that where a fellow listmember is during a cycle often affects their ability to write, spell and communicate. A previously clear person may come across as muddled, or a normally helpful person may shutdown and not contribute at all, some may become sharp during a manic phase and may hurt your feelings even. Please learn to take this in stride and practice a little tolerance and forgiveness.

      Hate mail and such, whether on or offlist, is strongly discouraged. We've had no cases of this and I hope we never do.

      And Finally.........

      Never ever spam the list or send virus alerts and such. Before you forward anything like a chain letter, virus alert, a help-the-dying-kid letter or any such nonsense, please go check out The Urban Legend Combat Kit. It's all there folks.
    6. I have so many questions to ask about this disorder and the drugs used to treat it. Are there any restrictions on what I can ask?
      Have you been through the whole of the FyrenIyce Website yet? If you haven't, then please do so before asking questions about the different categories of Bipolar Disorder, and especially about the psychotropic drugs used to treat the illness. There is much original material on this website in addition to over 500 links to other resources, each of them personally reviewed by myself, with new information added constantly. Use the website here as your FIRST port-of-call; it's a powerful resource. Let's not be redundant shall we?
    7. I'm so new at all this email and internet stuff; how do I know how to post a message properly?
      We all were new once; that's not exactly a crime. Firstly, don't be sensitive at the kidding you may take from more experienced members; it's in fun and they've all been where you are now. Secondly, be sure you've got a good grasp of the tutorial you'll find on the page previous to this one. Just go to this little tutorial that explains what a mailing list is, how it works, how to subscribe and unsubscribe to it, and some terms you need to know. I don't use your mailing software so it's up to you to learn how to use your own tools. By this I mean you need to learn how to do things like "cut and paste", "highlight and delete", and "reply".
    8. What's 'cut & paste' mean?
      Every mailer has a 'reply', 'highlight & delete', and 'cut & paste' function. Eudora, Pine, Pegasus, and all browser mailers like Netscape and Explorer have such functions and you will find them under the "Edit" menu for each. BEFORE you subscribe to F&I it is expected that you will have learned how to use each of these functions.
    9. Why do I have to know how to do these? What's the point and what difference does it make anyhow?
      Short answer: It keeps me from losing what's left of my mind :) Long answer: When you receive a post from the F&I list that says something you'd like to ask a question about, or make a comment on, you will need to know how to hit the 'reply' selection, and then to use the editing functions just mentioned to "highlight" text that isn't relevant to your comment, then hit the "delete" key to erase it. The 'cut & paste' function allows you to select a chunk of an email text by highlighting it, then "cutting" it so you can lift that quote and requote it in your new email message.

      What all this comes down to is that your post sent back to the list will contain ONLY essential content minus the irrelevant junk, previous person's comments, signature lines and trailers from the list itself. This makes for much less bandwidth usage and is less annoying to other listmembers who would like to read what you have said, but can't because of the garbaged up, non-edited version you sent to the list. Please be aware that many members have very small mailboxes and I will unsubscribe any account that bounces five error messages to my mailbox. [This is the very last you'll hear from me on this. It's not my job to teach you how to use your OWN mail software.]
    10. When should I put someone's email address in the 'Cc:' line of the header (top) of my message to the list?
      Short answer: Never. Whatever address you place in your 'Cc:' line will receive a copy of that post. If I see that mail is being copied off the list to a non-listmember or to another list entirely, you could be in serious trouble. Why? Because the practice of copying posts between lists or to persons not a member of the F&I list is considered a violation of privacy by members, and most importantly, by the list-owner. It's also unproductive and troublesome for list-owners in that it creates unrest on their respective lists. Just don't do it. Copy mail to each other, but not to outside entities. One more thing: There is absolutely no need to copy your posts to Fyreniyce1-owner@yahoogroups.com AND to the list. I read the list so I get your post. I DON'T need it in duplicate, and sometimes in triplicate if you ALSO "Cc'd" it to fractal1@iinet.net.au too!