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About the FyrenIyce Support Group

Nothing to it folks. All you need do to become a full-fledged, card-carrying member of the FyrenIyce bipolar community is to follow the directions that appear below and on following pages. I INSIST that you read all of this information before you subscribe! Don't miss us now...we're growing fast!


tiny_dragonRegrets are only missed opportunities.tiny_dragon





Let me talk a bit about what an email community like FyrenIyce can be like. I'm the owner/moderator/administrator of the list, which means that I see to the daily details that keep the whole of the FyrenIyce organisation up and running. I am also a participant and am bipolar too. What this all means is that I and the list will have our good days and our bad. The list and MOO will operate at all times, so it will always be available (don't worry about that), but just as you and I have our ups and downs, realize that others in our community here will likewise have on and off days as well.


fierce_dragon_imageOn some days there will be many fierce dragons ranting about something or other, and then there are always the very meek, quiet little fire-lizards who cringe at confrontation and discord. But whatever category you fit in, we must all pull together against our common enemy--bipolar disorder.

I won't censor or limit the input of the list unless actually forced to do so, so it's all yours. I would suggest you treat one another as you'd like to be treated, but don't be too sensitive, and always express your hurt feelings to whomever has hurt them. We are here to support one another, but not at the expense of necessary honesty. Listen carefully to what others say to you even if it hurts. Sometimes that's how we learn in the long run.



Well... with all that necessary stuff said and done, let me WELCOME you to the FyrenIyce Email Community. We'll see ya on the list real soon if you just use the "SUBSCRIBE" button below to go to the subscription page.