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Important Terms You MUST Know!


If you'll pay attention to the terminology here it will save all of us a good bit of annoyance so please read through carefully and make note. You'll receive much the same information in a single file when you subscribe to either the regular or the digest version of the list. DON'T THROW IT AWAY!.


This is the ONLY correct address for subscribing to F&I.


This is the ONLY correct address for unsubscribing to F&I.

That's me, Fractal, but never send mail to this address unless you receive an error message or have some other good reason for using this address.

This is what is known as the list address. It is to this address that you send your post/letters once you have subscribed to F&I. Do not EVER send administrative requests to the list address. None of the other members of F&I want to read repeated attempts to unsubscribe from the list made by someone too lazy to read and learn these simple directions.

PLEASE DON'T use this address to try to subscribe/unsubscribe from the list! This is my (Fractal's) private email address. You may write to me about any technological problems you have with the auto-subscribe function (below) or with any error messages you receive from same (F&I). DO NOT write to me asking me to subscribe or unsubscribe you from F&I.

In addition to the above instructions and information, please note that directions for unsubscribing from the list appear at the bottom of each post made to the list. There are very few excuses for not being able to handle your own list requests.


Remember that you can always come back to this page for a refresher. Now you may  . . .

Subscribe to F&I by using the form below to "auto-MAGIC-ally"join our email community.

Please read the FAQ BEFORE making your first post!

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Digest Subscription: You may obtain a digested version of all of the day's postings to the FyrenIyce list simply by registering yourself with and following the directions you are given.

Enjoy! And Welcome Aboard :)