How Does An Email List Work?


Some Things Are Big . . . But HOW BIG Is FyrenIyce?

(Everything ya ever wanted to know about a mailing list.)

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How A List Works

If the internet and mailing lists, forums, etc are all new to you, then I want you to carefully study the little tutorial above and heed my words here so all our lives will be made somewhat easier.


Once you "subscribe" to FyrenIyce, you become just one of many in a large group of other people like you who have also subscribed to FyrenIyce. For ease of learning, let's assume that right now there are only five persons who make up the total number of people currently subscribed to the list (refer to the diagram above for this part).


Let's say that you are Dian in the diagram above. When you (Dian) send your letter to FyrenIyce List, you are sending it to another computer or server; let's call that whole mess F&I for short. F&I accepts your letter (or post, as we call it) to the FyrenIyce list and then looks to see who is a member of the current subscription list.


Once F&I has the membership list in hand, it then takes your post and resends it to all the members on that subscription list, including a copy of your post which it resends to you. So what that means is that Dian's letter goes to F&I, then F&I resends a copy of her post to John, Anne, Bill, Fractal, and to Dian as well. This same process occurs whether there are 5 people on the list or 200.


The point of this discussion is to familiarise you with how mailing lists work and WHY you MUST learn how to interact with one correctly. For example, many people think that the copies of posts that F&I resends to every subscriber on the list are coming ONLY to them! This simply ISN'T the case.


Every single mail item that YOU receive from F&I is also received by every other member of the F&I list. You are not writing to people on a one-on-one basis; you (like Dian above) send one letter to F&I, and F&I then checks the number of subscribers, and in turn, sends out 100 or more copies of your post to all 100 or more members of the list community.


Any one of those members may choose to comment on what you said (or Dian above, let's say) in that original post you sent. So when later comments about what you said in that post show up in your mailbox, it is NOT the case that those persons who wrote that comment wrote and sent mail directly to YOU! No, they wrote their comments under or over your comments and then they sent that post off to F&I, which then resent the commented text out to each and every subscriber. Then the whole process begins all over again.