Significant Others Support List

FI-SO is a sister list to FyrenIyce 1 and 2 (our two support lists for those afflicted with Bipolar Disorder). We realized the great need for support among family and friends of BP sufferers, and have created a place where significant others may build such a community, gain insight, and continue to learn about the disorder that has impacted their lives to such a large degree.


Please don't subscribe to this list if you are yourself Bipolar. Instead, there's a list just for you and it's called To subscribe to it simply send a blank email message to or simply click on the button below.


To subscribe to the FyrenIyce Significant Others support list simply send an email message (blank) to this address:


The moderator of this group is a lovely woman named Kim. This is a small, intimate group who share their experiences on how they cope with their bipolar loved one. Privacy is strictly protected.


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