Thinking Through Bipolar Illness


From having taught Critical Thinking at the university level for over six years, and having years of critical training in philosophy to back it up, I've come to believe that developing critical skills people can use in all areas of their life is the best way to cope with mental illness.



What I wish to share with you here are ways in which you can learn to think more clearly. I want you to know that, even with this illness, there are skills you can employ that will aid you in making crucial decisions regarding your treatment options, family relations, and friendships.

You can help me with this ongoing project by providing feedback in the form of constructive criticism, questions, suggestions etc....thanx folks.



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Controlling the "Bipolar Beast"


If you are interested in improving your critical skills in a way such that you can use them to better deal with your disorder then You MUST subscribe to the list below because the list is our critical thinking laboratory and is where we learn how to think analytically as opposed to reacting emotively. Emotions have no place in thinking when there are crucial decisions to be made. This is not to say that emotive issues aren't important, but only to show how emotions serve to worsen the situation at hand. This is especially true when one is caught up in an episode of depression or mania. Clear thinking, if not fully possible during an episode, is critical ahead of time so as to lessen the impact of the episode on your immediate situation.

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