Philosophy of Psychiatry

  1. Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology - You must be a paid subscriber to access this journal or else have access through your university or other source.
  2. Philosophy of Psychiatry Bibliography - nice collection of links.
  3. International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry - a new journal just getting ready to launch and accepting articles for publication. Blind Refereed.
  4. Psychiatric Ethics - another subscription-based journal.
  5. The Society for Philosophy and Psychology (SPP) - bit outdated, but all of the basics about the society are there.
  6. Philosophy of Psychiatry - a selection of links to various related resources on this subject.
  7. The Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry: Local & Special Interest Groups - contacts for associations primarily in the US, but also in Asia.
  8. Psycoloquy - an interdisciplinary online journal that is part of the Subversive Proposal for Universal Public Preprint Archiving. Refereed and online via ftp.
  9. Philosophy of psychiatry - Exeter University page with some links, but not extensive.
  10. Online Bibliographies in Philosophy, Consciousness, and such - list of links pertaining to Philosophy of Mind and psychiatry.
  11. Philosophy of Mind - A decent bibliography of Philosophy of Mind.
  12. The Philosophical Counseling Web Site - Nice site with links and explanation of this discipline.
  13. International Journal of Philosophical Practice - Another subscription-based journal with abstracts available online.
  14. Guide to Philosophy on the Internet - Peter Suber's great site with all kinds of information. This link connects to a comprehensive list of journals on various philosophical topics.
  15. Narratives of Mental Illness - Therapists tales of discovery-mostly books you can order, but interesting array.
  16. What’s Happening in Philosophy of Psychiatry Archive - a bit of a discussion about what it means to investigate the issues between and intermixed with psychiatry and philosophy. Five columns. Most of the links don't work, but the explanation of philosophical concerns is quite good.