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Online Communities - "Where Love Grows"



Please don't shy away from the idea of online support--read on and I'll provide you with the reasons why you really will miss the boat if you don't jump right in and participate in one of these (IRC, E-Mail & MOO) online support communities.

Cyber-friends don't care if you're still in bed with your laptop at 3:00 in the afternoon, they don't care if you haven't brushed your teeth or gotten dressed. Not a one will care if you speak their language fluently, are physically challenged, or are gay. None will ask what kind of car you drive, where your kids go to school, or if you earn any money at all. So you see, we care only about you and what's in your head--there are precious few places where you will ever experience such "unconditional positive regard" as you can here in cyberbia.

Not convinced yet? Well then just take my hand here and I'll take you to visit some of my friends so you can hear firsthand what they think about their respective homes on the net. Come on now; don't hang back--you'll love these folks as much as I once you hear what they have to say. Ready? Ok then, Let's Go!


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One problem with being bipolar is that there is often no one rattling the rafters in the wee hours when you are dying to talk to someone who understands what you're going through. Online communities are open 24 hours a day, and much less expensive than a bar--safer too ;) When you've questions needing dragon_gifanswers, agonizing personal traumas to deal with, or just want friendly banter amongst your own kind, the online community offers it in abundance. Because of their anonymity, some very privacy-oriented individuals find these lists allow them the freedom to open up without fear of reprisal or rejection. So please, oh please, do give them a chance. Just follow any of the links below.

E-mail Support Groups

  1. FyrenIyce Email Support Group:
    An Australian Bipolar Support Group - open to all for now, but Australians are particularly encouraged to subscribe. FyrenIyce is limited to those who suffer from bipolar disorder, but significant others are encouraged to join one of the support groups below that are designed specifically to meet their needs. This list is the focal point of the FyrenIyce website, and yes, it's my baby. To subscribe to FyrenIyce simply follow the dragon.

  2. FyrenIyce-Think:
    his is our critical thinking forum offered in conjunction with the online critical thinking materials. To subscribe to this list go here.
  3. FyrenIyce Bipolar Parents Group:
    T he bipolar parents group is for people who are themselves bipolar AND they are also coping with being a parent. This is a small, low volume, intimate group. Click on the link above to subscribe.
  4. FyrenIyce Significant Others Group:
    This group is for those of you who love or care about someone who is themself bipolar. Another smallish, intimate group that is very supportive of one another. Subscribe by clicking on the link above.

Chat Rooms and Channels

FyrenIyce has its own chat room where you can meet and talk with others in our community who are bipolar. Please be sure you read the rules before joining the group. You can enter our chat room by going here.


Instant Messaging

FyrenIyce members often chat to one-another with these "peer-to-peer" clients (person to person programs). Read more about them here...