Links for SO's

  1. BPSO Public Pages - A site supporting the BPSO email support group for significant others of bipolar persons.
  2. CHILDREN OF PARENTS WITH MENTAL ILLNESS - Some tips here for helping children to coe with a parent who is mentally ill.
  3. NAMI Family to Family Education Program - For US folks this is a course you can take that will empower you to cope with mental illness of a loved one.
  5. Help For Partners Of Those Touched By Mental Illness - An excellent site dedicated to those of you who are coping with a spouse or loved one who is mentally ill.
  6. Mental Illness in the Family Recognizing the Warning Signs & How to Cope - Some good coping tips here.
  7. Critical Issues for Parents with Mental Illness and their Families - This is a book broken down into chapters and available to be read online.
  8. Dual Diagnosis: Substance Abuse And Mental Illness - Good information on this tough subject.
  9. Helping Children Understand Mental Illness: A Resource For Parents And Guardians - This is an excellent site for helping families.
  10. What Families Can Do for a Member With a Problem - What to say; what to do.
  11. Coping with Mental Illness: Tips for Families and Consumers - Some good tips here on how to deal with stress and anger.
  12. HOW FAMILY MEMBERS CAN HELP PEOPLE WITH HEALTH DISORDERS - More tips to help you cope with your loved one's mental illness.
  13. Mental illness - information for family and friends - General information. Australian site.
  14. Mental Illness: How Family and Friends Can Help - More from the previous Australian site.
  15. Ways to Help a Depressed Person - Some sage advice here.