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Join the FI-SO List

FI-SO is an email discussion group composed of members who have significant others in their lives who are bipolar.

Significant Others

Tips For Helping Your Bipolar Significant Other

These aren't laws, just helpful hints on how to support your significant other who is bipolar during a manic or depressive episode.


Mailing List For Significant Others

The FI-SO support list is for you who are NOT bipolar, but rather you love or care for someone who IS bipolar and you need some support for yourself as a person who cares for a bipolar person.


Resources For Significant Others

Some links to resources on the Internet.


How To Take Care Of Yourself!

Some ways you can decrease the stress of living or loving a bipolar person. Some excellent tips and links to resources for carers.


How To Help the Children of the Mentally Ill

Some tips and advice for helping children understand a loved one's mental illness.

Issues of Guardianship

How to prepare for eventualities that can occur when a family member is mentally ill.

BP Meds

Learn About the Medications Your Significant Other is prescribed

Read Some Books On Bipolar Disorder

The more you know about this disorder the better you can understand what those who suffer from it go through.