Bipolar Genetics

  1. Bipolar Genetics Collaboration - a place to find out about studies you might want to participate in.
  2. Bipolar Genetics Project - another place enlisting folks for various studies. This one is at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
  3. Genetics and Risk (to your child) - self-explanatory.
  4. UCSD Department of Psychiatry Genetics Research Program - another research website with information and current, ongoing studies.
  5. The DMOZ Directory on Bipolar Disorder - lists some information on genetics as well as many other topics.
  6. New info about Bipolar Genetics - Some general research in the area of genetics and treatment.
  7. Genetics of Schizophrenia and Affective Disorder - An Overlap - An interesting overview of a possible affective spectrum including schizophrenia at one extreme.