The Internet As Therapy


I know, sounds weird doesn't it? But you know, it's not really when ya stop to think about it. Where can you find 24 hour action for so little money? There's always something happening on the Net. From just surfing for information (like this site), to online support groups of three sorts. Yes, there are Chat rooms on IRC (InterRelay Chat), ICQ (my ICQ UIN# is 9215347) text-based virtual reality communities in MOO's, and of course, the standard email forums for virtually any topic one can think of. ICQ is free in beta version and is real simple to use for real time chatting. But still, I suppose the best thing about this medium is the ability to self-publish and express yourself in any of the groups or ways mentioned.

Being bipolar often means rattling around at hours many find repugnant. If YOU on the other hand feel like talking the night away, or are feeling at the end of a depressive rope, there's always someone willing to talk, care and share with you. Bipolar communities are perhaps the most dynamic and caring groups on the net. There's nothing that compares with, or beats those who have been down the path you may now be travelling when it comes to being there when you need them most. Many psychiatrists readily admit they cannot provide the immediate, intense quality of care that one's fellow sufferers on the net can. If you haven't joined an online support group, then  please go to the FyrenIyce subscription page and join us now! It really is an opportunity you shouldn't miss out on.