Nature As Therapy


Much research has been compiled that suppliesshroom_gif ample evidence for the claim that nature has a restorative effect upon troubled minds. Troubled inner city teens placed in nature to camp and learn certain simple survival skills come to appreciate and are able to express a changed set of values regarding their relation with natural entities and people. What's more, the effect has proven to be a long-lasting one. This doesn't surprise me much because I know we don't pull our values out of thin air. Nor are our parents and families solely responsible for them. I tend to think that we gather our values as much or more from aesthetic encounters as we do from other humans. We understand beauty by encountering those things we think beautiful. We understand kindness by encountering kind acts etc. It should come as no surprise that ugly, brutal surroundings breed ugly, brutal individuals.


In any case, natural surroundings have a discernible calming effect on most people. I think this is particularly true of those of us who are bberries_gifipolar. In discussions with other bipolar folk, I'venest_gif heard again and again of the need for the sounds of wind and water, for swimming, and hiking in the woods, for quiet places where noise isn't raucus, where things move slowly or not at all, where the only flashing image one sees is the dart of a bird or the skitter of a squirrel. Whatever your preference, try to get away from your local domesticated park and into real nature for a bit of mind-healing. On even the most agitated of moods, the effect is amazing.