Approximately 15-20% of those who suffer from bipolar disorder die by suicide. This site is dedicated to the memory of those who have gone, and to those who might well follow, down the same sad path in their attempt to find that final cure for an incurable illness. It is my hope that FyrenIyce will help in preventing others from becoming one of those statistics.

Assuming you've found this site by design rather than happenstance, let me extend to you a warm invitation to read and learn about the virtual community of FyrenIyce. Members of this community are 'normality-challenged', mentally ill, crazy, eccentric etc. It matters not how we label it, bipolar people are a bit different. The goal here is to learn about the disorder, to develop constructive ways to deal with it, and to provide support for all who are affected by it. So let's get on with it shall we?

You see, if you are visiting us here, chances are you either are manic-depressive (bipolar), or you are concerned about someone who is, or might be. Either way, you will find a wealth of information on this particular mood disorder: everything from diagnosis, treatment, drugs and their effects, an email support group, and finally, a real-time support group on a MOO (details on each can be found in the following pages). Feel free to come and go here as you wish.